Attorney says AG’s office shouldn’t be involved in criminal proceedings

CHARLESTON – A Charleston attorney has said that Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s office should not be involved in a criminal case on a county level, but that his office is denying a Boone County inmate his own inmate records, despite a signed release and order from Circuit Judge William Thompson.

Inmate Lateef Keaton has been incarcerated for four years—two of which he was held at Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital after being declared incompetent due to an Special Response Team cell extraction.

Travis Griffith of Griffith Law Center is co-counsel for Keaton’s criminal proceedings. Lead counsel is Joseph Spano of Pritt and Spano.

Griffith said they have been attempting to get Keaton’s medical and incarceration records for months, despite the court order to provide the documents.

“We eventually received the medical records, but still haven’t received the inmate records,” Griffith said.

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