Joseph H. Spano Jr. Case in the News

In Mr. Spano’s last month as a Kanawha County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, he diligently worked for the State providing justice for victims.  Below is a link which shows an example of Mr. Spano’s expertise in criminal law.

Two men were sentenced to prison Monday for the beating and robbery of a man last June.

Kanawha County Circuit Judge Charles King sentenced Brandon Bandy, 20, and Zachery Harrison, 22, to 10 years in prison after they pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery…

Kanawha County Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Spano recommended the two men be sent to the Anthony Correctional Center, in Neola. The center requires offenders to enroll in adult basic education and vocational classes, to prepare them for life outside the facility.

“In the beginning, when all the evidence was laid on my desk, the evidence showed this was a planned attack,” Spano said. “Through delving into the evidence and talking with officers, victims and witnesses, I believe what both defense counsels have said — that this was not planned.”

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