Whether you need a trial lawyer or mediator for your Family Law matter, we can help.

Mother comforting her child after Family Law casePritt & Spano Law is now accepting High-Asset Divorce cases. Our firm uses a financial consulting company to value even the highest asset divorces, achieving the outcome and financial security our clients desire.

Family law is a complex combination of emotional, financial and legal issues. You deserve an experienced family law attorney who will help you address all of them while making sure that emotion does not lead to a bad decision. Our attorneys are committed to using our experience and professional approach to resolve family law disputes with integrity, professionalism, and efficiency. Above all, we appreciate that our clients will have to live with the manner in which their disputes are resolved long after their cases are finalized.


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Parental Rights


Juvenile Matters

Underage Marriages

At Pritt & Spano, PLLC, we are now working high-asset divorce cases. Our firm uses a financial consulting company to value even the highest asset divorces, achieving the financial outcome our clients desire.

Our experience serves to help our clients look ahead to the future when making decisions instead of focusing on the past. Our approach helps you set realistic, workable goals for yourself and your family. We Work Hard for the Hard Working.

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